LOOK AT HOW I SUCK AT COMPOSITION/COLORS!!! Sorry for the confusion…

And yes, I’ve been listening to Cartman singing Poker Face a little too much maybe…

The Bens as cute gay sheeps

Transparent babyz because why not.

I was the same when I played volleyball…

Wait… just wait… wait some more

Ok. Now you can say me how many times this has been done already.

Just four normal kids waiting for the bus in a town that has just two seasons: Winter and July.

Welcome to South Park.


((The good thing is that Ben found someone who would write his reports without wanting a reward or something.

Even if Dexter is noticing how fast he improved his writing.))


sonof-a-hero asked me to do this little pic of kenny for them!

Hope you like it!! (p.s. I can give you the image without background/sybol if you want)


((Have ladies~))


The first one was taken with my camera since the scanner doesn’t work…

ANYWAY! Related to this post, this is based on a RP me and Enzy had on Skype about our Bens. Her Ben changed places with mine for a week to get better since he was having a bad period. The war helped him, because it taught him about some important valors.

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