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K2 collab with candyunicornsateme!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Imagine these two on a date. And Kyle actually straightened his hair, LOL!

Old re-design things.

— Thank fucking God summer vacations are almost over…

So, uh… I… made this blog… as you see, it’s empty for now so… help me with some questions, maybe? ; u ;

This is called irony.

Long story short: because of the diabetes and the fact that Cartman’s kidney was already bad, I expect Kyle to have kidney problems again in his teens. While waiting for a possible giver, since we know only Cartman could give him one in all South Park and he can’t do anything else, Kyle had to take dialysis therapy in the waiting to go on.

Feels strange being the on with the sad face.

Portrait of the Elf King.

My part of art-trade with themintylion!!!


ahh I really liked this drawing so I wanted to add some colors to it

the awesome lineart is done by aduah

(via thespbooties)

If you want to do a collab with me, here’s how it works: I draw and do the lineart, you color.


TO celebrate the first episode of Sailor Moon Crystal (and me getting FEELS over it AGAIN after 20 years), I wanted to redraw one of the MANY Sailor Moon drawings I did when I was little!

Unfortunately, even if I KNOW I have TONS of them because I have VIVID memories of me sitting on the sofa watching the anime and drawing them… that is the only one I managed to find. I found every possible thing in my attic about Sailor Moon: figures, dolls, the Moon Castle, the Princess Moon Coach with the little one, my old schoolbag, etc etc etc.

I was about 4 when I did it, so after 20 years I decided to draw it again. And as you can see, coloring has always been a problem for me…